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Corporate and Business Events
..turning events into programs that have long -lasting impacts -- repurposing the event..

Businesses have meetings and symposia galore. Some of these are very much "one-of- a-kind" events such a technical symposia or training that should be preserved for future use. Some are "recognition or appreciation" events whose memories should be preserved. Roger Muller Videography will help you best determine how to permanently record your meetings so that they may be used as part of "repurposing" process down the road.

  • The introductory video playing on the left was developed for a client at a worldwide symposia held in England. The attendees were primarily key technical customers from selected countries along with a limited number of internal personnel. In any event of this magnitude, cost-limitations eventually come into play and restriction of audience size is necessary.
  • Note that the event was translated in 6 languages
  • Note that all Powerpoint slides were distributed with the DVD's so that all participants had access to these for future use.
  • The client distributed the DVD's to their own personnel in countries around the world. Many of these employees did not attend. The DVD's became a training program for these internal personnel.
  • Company personnel were able to play the DVD's and conduct meetings with customers who did not attend.