"..making your wedding
a family heirloom"

"..preserving family memories forever"

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How to pay for your wedding video ...
Some creative (and traditional) ways of paying for your wedding video

The usual old traditional standby way -- you pay for it yourself or the parents pay. Nothing new here!

How about having someone (or a group of someones) making it a gift.? The toaster will eventually wear out, you really don't need two vacuum cleaners, a cash gift will fade in memory over time, you never get all of the dishes or glassware to complete a set, but the wedding video will last forever. (Hint on the dishes and glassware -- either buy the rest of the set or sell what you have on E-bay, or There are lots of people either trying to complete or dispose of incomplete sets.)

Gift from Grandparents (and parents for that matter too) -- making the video of the wedding become a family heirloom. What a wonderful gift that will be something you, your parents and grandparents can cherish forever. Make the wedding reception a combination of a family reunion and reception by recording the memories. We can make a few small extra efforts to really help you here -- examples:

  • Grandma dancing with each of her seven grandchildren.
  • Every attendee at a small wedding (approximately forty people, most were relatives) saying a few words on video.
  • An aunt pulling out over 50 people at a much larger wedding and getting them all visiting on video -- quick humorous introductions and anectodes to be treasured forever.
  • A "Dave Letterman or Jay Leno Want-To-Be" best man conducting an hours worth of interviews with all sorts of family members and friends in an adjoining room.

Gift from a Special Relative, Special Friend or a Groups of Relatives or Friends -- we have had all of these occur. You certainly don't want to be "tacky" in approaching people about this, but you probably have some idea of how to casually drop a "hint". Don't unload this on someone who you are not close to or who doesn't have the financial means to do it. And also -- be sensitive to the feelings of someone who could not participate -- 3 siblings can do it, a fourth can't.