Arriving at Wedding Pricing  
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Arriving at Wedding Pricing

What is involved? The timeline --

- just a note: We do show you and discuss with you our "shot list". It is confidential as we feel this is a differential advantage on our services

We are often asked "What is involved in videoing a wedding that makes it cost what it does?" Here is a listing of the elements:
Prewedding Consultation This is often our first meeting. We insist that we understand your expectations and that you understand what we intend to deliver. Timing: 1 + hours.
Test videotaping of facilities If we have not been to your church or wedding reception before, we may make arrangements to shoot test video in the facility to check out lighting and audio. Timing: Variable -- we insist we get the job done right.
Attend Rehearsal If feasible and we are available, we almost always attend rehearsal and shoot a little test video. If you desire, at a small optional charge, we will make a video of the rehearsal for you. Our primary purposes for attending are to get the facility coordinator, officiant and wedding party comfortable with us, what we are doing, and in addition, work out technical details. Timing: Travel plus attendance -- about 3 hours.
Pre-Ceremony Two or 3 staff members arrive about 2 hours before the wedding for setup, capturing preparation shots, etc. If you are doing your photography before the ceremony, we will participate. All microphones including wireless microphones on the groom and officiant must be tested. Microphones for readers and special music must be placed. Timing: 4 to 8 person hours.
Ceremony Ceremonies vary. At an average, of about 1 hour, there are 3 person hours invested (2 camera operators and 1 computerized sound station operator)
Post-Ceremony One camera operator will remain at the ceremony facility and capture some of the post-ceremony activities such as photography. Timing: variable.
Other Photo/Video Opportunities Many brides and grooms take the wedding party to other facilities for photo and video opportunities -- this might be a park, monument, flower garden, lakefront, etc. In our hometown base of Indianapolis, IN, such sites as Monument Circle, the Capitol, the Canal, the Eiteljorg, the State Museum, etc. all come to mind. We'll video it! Timing: variable.


One videographer will leave the church immediately after the wedding ceremony and try to video the reception facility in its state of "Pristine Glamour" prior to being "invaded" by the guests and will also video the arrival of the wedding party and the cocktail hour. Timing: 2 person hours.
Reception/Dinner Two videographers will cover the key events of the reception/dinner -- introductions, speeches, cake cutting, toasts, first dances, bouquet toss, and garter toss. One camera will gather quick video sequences of guests dining. Timing: 4 person hours.
The Dance -- "Post Garter Toss"

One videographer will capture dancing of guests for at least 30 minutes. The other videographer will be setup to do interviews of guests -- usually key family members such as parents and grandparents. We do not have a time limit on the length of time we will remain. We do ask for "permission to leave" from the key decision maker -- usually the bride, when we feel we have all of the material we could ever use. Timing: about 4 to 5 person hours.

Editing and Post Production The real work begins. Timing: 30 to 40 person hours.
And the other expenses Equipment -- cameras, sound equipment, computers, software, travel, consumables such as tape and disk.

There's probably some more we forgot! Remember that when you hire us, you are hiring our "knowledge on how to get job done right!"