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...making your wedding a family heirloom  
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Why should you video your wedding? Here is a list of reasons.
  • As the bride/groom, you will be off in your dressing room for much of the music, the seating of the parents, the unity candle, etc. You don't get to see or hear it all!
  • Brides -- wouldn't you like to see your groom's first reaction to how stunning you are?
  • Weddings are one of the few times where you'll have most of your family members together. Capture this for future generations.


  • You can share your wedding with your own children and grandchildren.
  • You get not only the video, but also the audio.
  • Record memories of your own parents and grandparents to share with future generations.
  • The event is beautiful. Why not be able to relive it?
  • Today's video and computer technology make it possible to obtain eye-popping video and true audio at a quality that far exceeds past capabilities at a very economical price.
  • You can share the wedding with loved ones and friends who were unable to attend.
  • Give your parents fond memories to view in their later years.